Sometimes white, sometimes red, crescent-shaped, oval or perfectly round, the Moon has been the faithful companion of the Earth for

In relation to the Sun, Venus is the second planet after Mercury, just in front of the Earth. It is

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. It orbits 58 million kilometers from the Sun, 2.7 times closer than

We speak of a system because there is not only one ring but countless, almost an infinity. The rings of

Saturn, the planet with the rings. It is really the most beautiful planet of the solar system. Located two times

Jupiter, Zeus, the god of Olympus, is 773 million km from the Sun, 5 times farther than the Earth and

Apart from our star, the Sun, and some small stars (comets, asteroids, etc.), the solar system includes 8 planets that

Light is electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The word usually refers to visible light, which

Our Galaxy forms a disc a little thicker in the center that is observed in profile, which is why the

The luminous ball that enlightens us during the day is actually a star like all the ones you can see

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